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Rendition of Madonna and Child, 2021

Original mural is acrylic on plywood


8 x 12 inches

Printed on Epson Hot Press Bright paper


This print is originally a mural in SoMa of San Francisco for Kapwa Gardens in collabloration with Balay Kreative Studios


Growing up, my favorite paintings were the different renditions of Madonna and Child, and I wanted to create my Filipinized take on it. I wanted to highlight unity between our indigenous cultures, reality from Spanish influence, and bridge that gap. This beautiful bilallikted cloth hails from Kalinga and is given to the first born child. The patterns represent wealth, fertility, rivers, suns, and warriors. This piece is dedicated to my sisters and mom, all of whom made motherhood part of their stories.

Rendition of Madonna and Child

  • Please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping as prints are made to order.

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