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Revamping the Surveys Infrastructure: Contact Directory


Numerator Surveys is a web-based platform that offers Instant Surveys that reaches verified buyers and create an integrated panel analysis tomorrow. From this analysis, we can leverage targeted surveys that reduce the time to understand consumers’ attitudes about future initiatives.

The goal is to revamp the product in a way to allow continued growth for the survey platform.

My Role

Product Designer

User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping, and Testing


Numerator is a Chicago-based company that blends proprietary data with advanced technology to create unique insights for the market research industry.

Surveys is one of Numerator's fastest growing products.

I am the sole designer on the Surveys team, among 7 engineers and 2 product managers. I am responsible for the product design and UX/UI experience for both products under Surveys: Creating surveys and reports within the Insights platform and Contact Directory within Admin.

I've grown tremendously this past year, and have listed some of the key achievements below:

  • Improved usability throughout both products

However, its survey infrastructure prevents easy and accurate survey management at scale. It is using outdated and antiquated code structures that were not well-documented, does not always work in an automated way and carries numerous dependencies.

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